Beyonce, Feminist Wrapping Paper and A Black Dress

“It’s not what you’re like, it’s what you like.”

That’s from High Fidelity, and while Rob spends an entire book and movie battling through to realize it’s actually what you’re like that matters, Treat Yo Self doesn’t care. Here are the things I like this week. 


Slay Beyonce Art Print

I follow Martiza on Instagram, and her art has been featured on Vice, Broadly and more. She’s Mindsay Mohan on Instagram. I bought this for the house I will one day own.


She Paper Feminist Wrapping Paper

DOPE. There is no other way to describe this feminist wrapping paper by She Paper. Their site launched in April 2016, and their collections include Funny Broads (pictured above), YAS Queen, Women Who Are Unapologetically Themselves, Women Who Have It All Figured Out, and more. I don’t have any, but I will. You could actually wrap stuff with this or craft like a motherfucker.

BLACK MAXI DRESS | OLD NAVY | $27 (use a coup tho)

Old Navy Black Maxi Dress

I went to the ends of the earth to get this dress in an XL at a physical store because I’m cheap. I nailed it for $12 and too much work. Then, because I’m vertically challenged, I had the dress professionally hemmed. I already know it’s going to be my summer uniform. I’m wearing it right now. You can dress it up, you can sloth around in it for days as a work-from-home, cats-are-my-coworkers type, and you can even sleep in it. Or, wear it over a bathing suit. Whatever, do you, but also do this maxi.

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