Didn’t We Almost Have It All

                          Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA When I arrived home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after Donald Trump won the presidential election, but not the popular vote; all I heard was Whitney singing: Didn’t we almost have it all When love was all we had worth giving? The ride with you was worth the fall my friend Loving you makes life worth ...Read More

Here Is My Secret Shame Laid Bare

I have a confession, it’s somewhat shameful. Every day I do this thing, and I’m not really proud of it, but I do it anyway. It’s so unlike me—this thing—that when people meet me in person, they must do a double take. Or maybe they don’t even have to meet me in person. Maybe they’ll read something I wrote, reach out, and get confused like, “well it appears as though she’s dead inside, but ...Read More

Life Is Like A Toilet Paper Roll – You Either Handle Your Shit Like A Baller Or Wipe Like A Bitch

In my world, life is like a toilet paper roll — you either handle your shit like a baller or you wipe like a bitch. I am old, and my life is riddled with friendships I shouldn’t have spent two seconds trying to cultivate let alone years. Snap judgements are a thing I need now like oxygen. But the vast majority of judging is basic and unreliable, and also takes too much time. I ...Read More

Elite Progressives And White Feminists Have Failed Poor Whites So Don’t Act Like Your Shit Don’t Stink

  I’m having a crisis of faith. In feminism. In people. In everything, really. Aren’t we all. Liberals can be such know-it-all jerks while conservatives can be angry, yet committed blowhards. Somehow, and I do not know how this happened, during the Democratic National Convention I was in the middle. OK, I know exactly how this happened. I did not support Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I voted for Bernie Sanders. If you were ...Read More

Bill Clinton’s Dad-Bod Glory Days Are Clearly Behind Him

History was made. Hillary Clinton is now the first woman to clinch a major party nomination for president. Wonderful. Powerful. And now can we get to that bag of bones she carries around her neck, Bill Clinton. I couldn’t hear Bill last night over my fear he was going to croak on stage at the Democratic National Convention. I know he has heart disease and I know he used to hit the fries hard, ...Read More