The NRA Is About To Get Laid The &^%$ Out By A Rainbow And A Groundswell


We have decided dead kids are OK.

We have decided dead black men are OK.

We have decided dead women are OK.

But you know what, that piece of shit with an an AR-15 picked the wrong group to massacre.

The LGBT community is relentless. Today is a new day. Never, not for one second, will they ever let anyone forget that it was lax gun laws and our collective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that really caused this tragedy; this gay 9/11.

No. Fucking. Way.


Because the LGBT community gets its done. Abortion rights: on life support. Civil rights Act: a shell. Gay marriage: legal in every state in the union.

Because the LGBT community beats the radical right at their own game. They masterfully play small ball — dinky singles and clean base running — one run by one run until public opinion changes and they’re at the supreme court, and they win.

They fucking win.

The LGBT community is the only civil rights group that’s won where there was no hope in my lifetime. Where it looked like NEVER, not even possible.

And they did it.

In breathtaking speed. From the Defense of Marriage Act to legal, same-sex marriage in a breath. Yes, it took a very long time and, yes, this is an over generalization, but it’s a truthful nugget.

The LGBT community has the money, the community organizing infrastructure, the will and the RAINBOW. And the NRA has?
An endangered species.

The angry white man-boy.

And we’ve protected him for long enough at great cost to the rest of us.

No more.

The massacre at Pulse in Orlando, Florida was a hate-crime with a side of extremist fan fiction. No one should be dead. No one should be fighting for their life.

Can you feel it, though?

Can you feel the change? Deep down.

Go lower.

It’s under the brokenness and despair.


There it is.

The love. The change. It’s a crack. A fault line. And it’s about to shake, rattle and roll these motherfuckers back to the depths of hell from which they came.

Forces are coalescing right now.

Can you feel it?

We’re in the sixties of the new millennium.

The Right has always been loud, I’ll give them that. History re-writers, masterful double-speakers, supposed owners of the ONE, TRUE ‘MERICA. Bullies on the playground.

And progressives have been a fickle bunch of side-eyers; believing the good fight spoke for itself. The kind of group that watches the kid on the playground get pummeled; only offering a hand after the blood-thirsty have dispersed. Or, the kind of folks so lost in the details of what kind of hand, at what angle, on this time, what’s the hashtag; that the kid just says fuck it, and picks himself up.

Not today.

Not ever again.

Because there is a path and it’s been tested and they’ve won where so many have fought and heartbreakingly lost.
NRA: You have no clue what’s coming your way. None. You’re about to get laid the fuck out by a rainbow and a groundswell.


[image via Everytown USA instagram]

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